Jennifer Riva, AKA RIVA, was born in Lausanne, a cultural and dynamic city in Switzerland. She has been immersed in music since she was a child thanks to her music-lover father. Since her young age, Jennifer has been playing guitar and at the age of 19, she started to work for a concept-event project at the MAD Club, one of the most renown clubs in Switzerland. Inspired by this experience and the great DJ around her, she decided to commit fully to the music world and started to practise DJing in her room. For the past four years, RIVA has been making people dance all over Switzerland. She played in all kind of events of different size from clubs to private events. She has made her place among the greatest clubs of her hometown such as the MAD Club and the D!Club but also at the Globull where she has mixed with the greatest of this milieu. RIVA has also played in the epic city of Berlin and has even reached the other end of the world by making vibrate Australia with tech-house tracks. RIVA, always animated by her passion to share music with her public, has also started to produce her own music in 2019 and plan to commit more and more to her passion to make 2019 even crazier than 2018!


01.09.2014 (Toujours en poste)


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