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Chemin de la Grangette 15, Chardonne

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Personal presence can make a huge difference to how we are seen by others and what we can achieve in our lives. Personal presence is tricky to define but easy to spot. We know it when we see it – in individuals who are confident and comfortable, who convey positive energy, and who connect with others. People with presence speak clearly and assertively, they have gravitas and authority, and they engender trust by being real.

Yes, real. Because presence is not about putting on an act, but being more truly ourselves. Our belief in ourselves and what we are saying can easily be read in our non-verbal behaviour – our physical stability, posture, breathing, tone of voice, facial expression, and the energy we send out. If “what” we say is not aligned with “how” we say it, others will not put their trust in us.

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Chemin de la Grangette 15, Chardonne, Suisse
+/- 200km
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Personal presence
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